LDX 80 Series

Advanced Imaging Camera Platform
The LDX 80 Series of cameras consists of four models offering varying levels of operational flexibility to match every production need, with the ability to upgrade as production and business needs change.

LDX 80 Flex is our entry level model for single format 1080i or 720p acquisition, where limited artistic tweaking is required.
LDX 80 Première can switch between 1080i and 720p, and features the Contour Equalizer which allows for tweaking the crispness in the shadows, mid-tones and highlights independently.
LDX 80 Elite is the ultimate workhorse for live HD production — from live sports to scripted productions. LDX 80 Elite can switch between 1080i, 720p and 1080PsF, and features PowerCurves for shooting under challenging conditions, and Color Protect to help correct lighting issues.
LDX 80 WorldCam is the ideal solution for any production, under any condition, incorporating all the features of the LDX 80 Elite plus 1080p. LDX 80 WorldCam enables 1080p productions that are normally impossible to cover without huge investments in additional lighting or without serious degradation of the image quality. The LDX 80 WorldCam is only available as a 7-day or a perpetual GV-eLicense upgrade from any other LDX 80 Series camera, with single or multiple licenses.
For confined spaces, compact versions of the LDX 80 Première, LDX 80 Elite and LDX 80 WorldCam are available. Please see the LDX C80 Series Compact Cameras webpage for more information.